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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sunday- 9-24-06

I'm about to head down to my studio and attempt to paint. I've had my fair share of espresso already, but deep down I know that another couple of shots are in my immediate future. I like drinking espresso more than coffee. Take too many coffee breaks and one can't help but feel like a procrastinator. Taking a quick espresso break...completely guilt free and kind of Euro. I will report back on my artistic progress later today. Just answered the doorbell. Painting will have to wait. It was our friend and neighbor Anthony returning our dinning room chairs that were borrowed for his birthday party last night. As dessert was served, a loud screeching sound was heard. Fellow party guest Steve (who only seconds before was sitting in one of our chairs) came crashing down. For the last 2 years I had been meaning to re- glue two of the four chairs. Unfortunately for Steve I had yet to get around to actually doing it (and he was parked in one of the fateful two for the better part of the evening). That being said, I'm off to glue now and paint later.


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