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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

We moved/my blog didn't.

We moved to Sebastopol, CA in August. A town of 7,800 people (now 7,803) in the heart of Sonoma County wine country. A very nice individual named Betty left a very nice comment regarding that if this art thing goes South (maybe that's why we moved 1,000 miles North) I could always be a writer. If my blog becomes even more painfully disinteresting, we all have Betty to blame. I have now become exceedingly self conscious of every little word. Back to our move and the image that will soon accompany this awkwardly crafted/post Betty complimented entry. I have a show running at a new restaurant (yes, restaurant. I realize that most of my collectors were hoping for a museum show, but we are new in town and desperate for attention) within walking distance of our house that we love. It's called Peter Lowell's. We are very fond of the owner, Lowell (which is his first name and Peter being his middle name). In Hebrew, Lowell Peter is pronounced Peter Lowell's. It's a right to left thing. I must say, I'm feeling a twinge of guilt by not even making a mention of my Brother in Law Pete. I think possibly the omission is a result of us moving to Sebastopol and not the city of brotherly love (the next thing I need to do is a quick google search to once again find out which is the city of brothery love). I have never, never, ever, ever taken this much time on a post and for that, I have Betty to thank!


Blogger Betty Bishop said...

You are welcome Brad.

8:49 AM  

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