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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Time flies...

Time flies when you are having fun and as you get older. Time then gets going at quite a clip and really kicks in the turbo between blog posts. Fortunately, my commitment to post once a week was prior to any sort of New Year's resolution (of which I made ZERO and subsequently have kept ZERO). Our power went out yesterday for the entire day (case in point, our power in actuality went out the day before, yet it seems like yesterday)! We have been in the process of cleaning up the web-site (which I do believe is looking better). Another new addition is 'Marina's Blog'. She has yet to make her first post and I have a pretty strong sense that relatively speaking, my blog will end up looking quite prolific. My studio is underway in the backyard and looking great. Well, at this stage it looks like an above ground pool. As soon as the rain subsides (the culprit in our power outage) the framing will begin. Ernie is the the Kingpin of the project and has been hands on the whole way through. I previously blamed any and all future dull blog posts on Betty and now Ernie will be the one responsible for all paintings coming out of the new studio. If they's Ernie's fault! As for the image, on the
right, there is absolutely no connection to this post other than the add promoted my show in Scottsdale that was over before I knew it. Time really did fly although, we didn't (fly) and missed the opening completely.


Blogger Betty Bishop said...

Whew! I'm off the hook.

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