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Friday, January 11, 2008

Silence is golden...

The first silent auction on my web-site is underway. I'm sure the format will evolve (or devolve and possibly be completely non-existent in the near future), but the current intent is to have one piece from each of the genres up for a silent auction, with the first batch ending on 1-21-08. I like the idea, think it should be fun and want to make it very clear that I'm a fairly insensitive artist and have never been insulted by even the most low ball of offers. In my mind, anytime someones offers me more for one of my paintings than the price of the canvas and paint, I take it as a compliment! The photograph on the right (which is of the first group of silent auction paingtings) is nothing more than me having fun in Photoshop. The paintings are not to scale and have all been cropped to a square format (which was fairly easy to do as two of the four pieces actually are square in their everyday life). In the event you were unable to find anything that caught your fancy on eBay and still have a hankering for bidding on something, just go to the 'Silent Auction' link on my web-site and bid away. One never knows, this could very well be a one time deal!


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