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Monday, July 25, 2011

New Gallery/New blog attempt

After numerous harrangings by my three loyal blog readers and most recently friend and collector Linda Winzeler (neither sure that's a word, harranging that is, nor if it is the correct spelling? Correction, the spelling is clearly incorrect. Tipped off by the squiggly red line lingering beneath it. The jury is still out on the word itself, but the usage is minimally masterful and accurate) I've decided to get back on the blog horse after painfully having been thrown from it (if the truth be known, I willingly jumped). So here goes:

I've opened my own gallery (in large part due to a booming economy) in Healdsburg, CA at 101A Plaza St.. Not so surprisingly so, the gallery is right on the Plaza (which this little town in the heart of the wine country is built around). To say it's picturesque here (nice tie in with the verbage, harkening back to pictures and art), would be an understatement. Just a few days ago, I stroll to my gallery (because at my age it looks awkward to run, in addition to giving police the wrong idea) and I find Lands End doing a a fall catalogue photo shoot directly in front of my gallery replete with hand painted autumn leaves artfully strewn (harkening back yet again) everywhere, New York models and a tour bus suitable for the Rolling Stone. My fellow shop owner neighbors teased me mercilessly (I guess they always do regardless) that I was doing everything possible to get myself in the photo shoot, but sadly there were no takers (as if I wanted to anyway)! I'm opting to sign off now as I'm going to leave myself wanting to blog more (as if I wanted to anyway) and not wear out my welcome (as if that could actually be a possibility)! Hopefully, my next post won't be three years from now (unless of course you are extremely lucky).