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Friday, February 01, 2008

Let the Silent Auction Begin (round 2)!

The first silent auction was an overwhelming success! All four paintings sold for a total of $12.93 (Marina thought that I should not write that as people won't realize that I'm both kidding and prone to exaggeration when the real total was $4 and change). All joking aside, (because I'm a joker and that is the blog personality that I've adopted) it really was shockingly great! The newest incarnation of the 'Silent auction' (the link on the website actually uses a $ sign in place of an S, which is so terribly creative that I can't get over the fact that I came up with such a novel concept) is back by popular demand. The only change this time is a minimum bid in the interest of shattering the $5 barrier. In case anyone is wondering, these are not paintings that I would just as soon paint over (I would much prefer to sell them). It's Friday night and I've been drinking heavily (just kidding again for the 8th time and I don't think I'm done yet..with kidding that is). I really like this new batch of four paintings a lot (not kidding: SERIOUS). All paintings lucky enough to be featured as $ilent Auction paintings are neither factory seconds nor previously run over by a tricycle and have been selected completely at random from the 'Available Section' of my website. If you would like something different than what is featured, just let me know and I'd be more than happy to discuss a commission (now, that sounded serious). Happy Bidding!!! In the event you came here first, all four silent auction paintings can be seen at This auction ends 2-11-08.


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