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Thursday, October 12, 2006

What are the Green Things?

I ran out of the 8" x 10" canvas panels that I've been using for my painting-a-day pieces. I went to the art store and they were plum out of that size (no, the green things aren't plums). They said they were expecting a shipment that evening and to check back. I remembered that I had a number of 5" x 7" wood panels hanging out in my studio. This little peach (no, the green things aren't peaches either) of a painting is on one of those 5" x 7" panels. A couple days ago my wife Marina came back from the market with among other things, two crazy big bags of green apples (there's the clue). Which led me to my next question"were green apples on sale today?" Sure enough they were!

- SOLD -


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